Guaranteed to last longer than any other accumulator.

A top repairable accumulator priced at below "throw away accumulator" prices.

- Immediate delivery on any quantity in all sizes.

- Priced lower than "throw away" accumulator prices.

- Light weight, no supports required.

- Standard bladder has a wide temperature range for outdoor applications.

- Free test samples available to qualified users for comparison testing.

Quality features include:

1. Cold drawn aluminum body gives a smooth surface for bladder contact.
2. Heavy duty, thick bladder to lessen nitrogen permeability.
3. Diaphragm type design gives maximum displacement with very little bladder flex.
4. Poppet moulded in bladder prevents bladder extrusion at both bottom and top.
5. Straight thread oil port.
6. O-ring seal prevents nitrogen leakage.
7. Safety vent automatically vents nitrogen during disassembly.
8. One-piece moulded bladder to prevent bladder seam problems.
9. Top repairable for easy maintenance.
10. Can operate without Nitrogen precharge and not damage the bladder.